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for Class 5th to Class 10th ( CBSE Curriculum )

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For Class 8th, 9th and 10th ( Only Mathematics )

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We have been in the profession of providing Home Tuitions and personal learning assistance to students in Indore for last 12 years.

Creating pressure for performance without conceptual clarity and willingness to prepare has never been a solution and will never be.

We sincerely believe that learning anything involves lot of time, dedication and sincere hard work.

Bringing about meaningful transformation in students is difficult to achieve. It should aim at developing the ability to work independently, reducing the dependency of the student on the teacher and helping them to become self dependent.

It can only be achieved through discipline, sincerity towards the student, continuous interaction with young minds, understanding their concerns, fears, strengths, weaknesses and by building step by step confidence by teaching more than just the coverage of the academic course.

Results in academics are the outcome of consistent efforts and cultivation of habits.In today’s world of competition based education where many students try to compete without conceptual clarity and parents expect their children to excel without having strong foundation, it’s my humble effort to provide education with conceptual clarity, which will enable a student to understand and express without mugging up the facts and figures, build a strong foundation and generate their interest in learning.

We strive to bring about a change in student behavior with an objective to teach them to handle pressure with preparation, success with modesty and failure with courage.

We sincerely believe that profession of teaching needs involvement and not just attention.

Attention creates fear and consciousness. Involvement creates link and responsibility. Attention is general, whereas involvement is specific

Difficult part about teaching is generation of interest and retention of interest.

For a teacher, creating willingness to learn is difficult to achieve. Every student has ability to learn.What is missing is willingness to learn. Ability along with willingness is lethal combination.It creates the winning edge. A small difference in abilities results in enormous difference in performance and output. Acquiring abilities is difficult. But once acquired they can take you to the top.

Performance in examinations will depend upon speed and accuracy. Speed without accuracy is useless. And accuracy without speed will not get desired result.Hence it’s important to strike a balance.
Education is a development process and its important to act in the right age.
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